Welcome to the Food Allergy Education Network Website. 

In 2014 we are seeing the food allergy community work very hard together, across the U.S. and beyond, to advocate for legislation and laws regarding food allergies. This leads us to continued success in a number of great accomplishments in a short period of time.  Legislation providing school access to epinephrine, The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Management Act, Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act and the growing number of disability protections (504’s, IEP’s) afforded for individuals with food allergies are among our achievements.  Bringing attention to this important health crisis takes constant vigilance and is critical to the safety of children with food allergies.

 The Food Allergy Education network, located in Branford, Connecticut continues to do education and advocacy at a local level and we hope that you can take that mission into your communities. Some examples of how we do this each year begin with garnering a proclamation from the State of Connecticut declaring a week each May as Food Allergy Awareness Week. May also brings our members together for an annual fundraising event, our Dance-a-thon.  Our highlight of the year is welcoming the talents of Kyle Dine to this seaside community for a food-free concert, silent auction and awards ceremony.

We also attended the Ct. State Association of School Nurses dinner, an ACES professional training day, and the training of 40 pre-k teachers through the Branford Early Childhood Collaborative’s Roundtable Series. We hosted some great speakers this year such as Dr. Mendelson from the Ct Asthma & Allergy Center, Attorney Larry Berliner, Special Education & Disability Law and Gina Mennett Lee from Mennett Lee, LLC – Food Allergy Consultant & Educator and founder and former president of FAEN.

Our support groups for children, Food Allergy Friends, is the program we are most proud of for children ages 5 -10 & 11-13. A dozen students a year benefit from our investment  in children to bond and share their struggles and successes of being a child with food allergies under the direction of Jamie Perillo, LPC, RYT (Social Work, Counseling)  and Erin Spaulding MS, CCLS and our Vice President.

Our parents group, where it all began, develop informed and confident parents.  When it comes to food allergies, education saves lives.

Please check out our video series here on our website featuring Jamie Perillo, LPSW, with helpful strategies for  the emotional development of  your child with food allergies.

   We want to hear from you, so please feel free to contact us at any time.  Together we can ensure the safety and wellness of children with food allergies.

 Your friends at Food Allergy Education Network