Dear Friends,

Gina Mennett Lee has left an ever-lasting effect on the food allergy community, in Connecticut and across the country.

Her local efforts began with a sincere ambition, to find like-minded individuals with whom to share the challenges of parenting a child with food allergies. We are truly blessed that we were two of the lucky parents who were asked to embark on this journey with her.

In her five-year tenure as President of The Food Allergy Education Network, Gina was never afraid to tackle the tough issues. Her leadership at FAEN helped many individuals and her advocacy benefitted our entire food allergy community. Her vision was purposeful and advanced the mission of the organization. Personally, she strove to be fair on the emotionally charged issues that arose, which illustrated her level-headed leadership style. We admire her as a leader and advocate.

It’s been a joy to see Gina grow over the past several years into an expert in the field of food allergies. We are incredibly proud of Gina’s hard work, dedication, and success.

We would like to extend our deepest thanks to Gina Mennett Lee for the selfless time and extensive effort she gave advocating for children and families with food allergies. The Food Allergy Education Network will continue to support our children and families and advocate in the local community, thanks to the foundation that Gina built. We are proud to call her our founder and our friend.

Gina, we wish you continued success along the new path you’re blazing on your journey with food allergies.


Sincerely yours,

Erin Spaulding and Robin Comey

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