Pictured from Left: Erin Spaulding (Vice President of FAEN), Gina Lee (President of FAEN), and Robin Comey (Secretary of FAEN)

We had a wake up call last weekend at the CT FAAN Walk.  We were very proud to be sponsors of this great event.  We met wonderful people and joined together for a very worthy cause: our children.

At our booth, we had a free giveaway to anyone that showed us their Epipen.  We bought 200 tote bags for the occasion anticipating that everyone there would have them at the ready, but we were mistaken.

We were shocked as family after family came by the booth only to say, “Oh, our Epipen is in the car,” or, “Oh, we are not eating,”  or “We thought it would be safe here.”

I learned a very valuable lesson that day.  Education begins right here within the food allergy community.

We, as parents of food allergic children, need to be a consistent example to our children and to others before we can hope to effect change in people outside the food allergy world.  I could list link after link of tragic stories of children that have died because they did not have their Epipen. That is why we are advocating for the School Access to Epinephrine Act.   No one plans to have an allergic reaction.  Most of the time, reactions happen because a person eats something they thought was safe.  Accidents happen and there is no way to predict when and where they will happen.  The Epipen is only tool we have to buy our children time until emergency medical services arrive.  Even then, sometimes it is too late.  Please, please ALWAYS have your Epipen WITH YOU.

The life you save just may be your own child’s.

Follow the Food Allergy “Golden Rule”: 

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