Pixie's Food For Thought

“I wanted to put a positive spin on food allergies while at the same time teaching them about safety, self awareness and to let children know they are not alone,” stated author Lisa Fischer, who is mom to a child with multiple food allergies.

While there have been many new children’s books addressing food allergies on the market, I feel that few have done it well.

Little Pixie has spunk and personality.  She offers her advice about living with food allergies to other children dealing with them.  Through little tidbits like, “My body tries to fight the foods that I eat.  Like: Eggs, milk, peanuts and wheat,”  she relays information in a non-threatening, age-appropriate manner, using language that is easy to understand for young children.

I like that Pixie has learned strategies to confidently deal with her food allergies.  “I’m brave, strong and know what to do….Say “No thank you,” be polite and walk away.  Don’t be nervous, be proud and know what to say.”  She also makes sure to stress important habits like label reading and carrying an Epipen at all times.

Pixie is proud to be who she is, telling the readers “your body is beautiful inside and out. Climb on the rooftops and give it a shout.”

In the last line of the book, Pixie lets the readers know that they are not alone and that she is there to cheer them on, “I’m Pixie, I have allergies and this book is for YOU!”  The story is sweet, and informative with captivating illustrations that will keep your child’s attention. While the information in this book is not thorough, I view it as the perfect “beginner” book about food allergies for children in preschool through kindergarten.  Well done, Pixie!

Pixie’s Food for Thought by Lisa Fischer, Illustrated by Sanjida Rashid is available HERE.

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