Each August, as the new school year approaches my anxiety level always increases.   Every new school year I wonder: “Will this teacher understand my daughter’s needs?   Will he/she be prepared to administer the Epipen, if needed?   Will he/she keep my daughter safe and included?   Will my daughter have friends that are compassionate in her class?   Will the other parents be understanding of my daughter’s needs?”   Naturally, I like to turn to the web for resources.

Over the past few weeks there have been many posts with advice for how to deal with going back-to-school with food allergies.   I’ve gone through many of them and here are my favorites:

BEST Back-to-School Food Allergy Resources:

Anaphylaxis Canada’s Back-to-School Guide

FAAN Experts Answer School Questions

KFA’s Webinar:  What Parents of Children With Food Allergies Need To Know About Food Allergies in School

KFA’s School Resources    (This is my favorite resource.  I especially like to give the list of potential food allergens in  preschool and elementary school activities to my daughter’s teachers.)

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